Real estate transfers

•  311 South Street – Susan Semrad, Personal Representative of the estate of Sheila Rooney Semrad, to Nathanial Whitman Foote for $678,000 on May 2.

•  20 Judy Farm Road – Jeff Zongqiang Ma and Chen Chen to Jamie and Catherine Milliken for 699,900 on May 11.

•  509 South Street – 509 South Street LLC to Ali and Karen C. Yeyinmen for $1,10,000 on May 21.

•  24 Davis Road – Weikang Wu and Xiaoming Wan to Yanming Liu and Lei Zhang for $1,470,000 on May 25.

•  219 Hutchins Road – Timothy and Moira Kay Ravenscroft to Roman and Lena Magarychoff for $1,185,000 om May 25.

•  1019 North Road – Barbara G. Howland, individually and as Personal Representative of David E. Watson and Trustee of David E. Watson Indenture of Trust, and Thomas P. Jalkut, Trustee of David E. Watson Indenture of Trust and not individually, to Bettina Warburg-Johnson and Tom Serres for $870,000 on May 29.

•  45 Palmer Way – Joseph and Debra A. Belanger to Jared and Maura Connell for $1,275,000 on May 30.

•  413 Brook Street – Siamak and Carol A. Dastangoo to Mary Kaye Zettell, trustee of Mary Kaye Zettell Living Trust, for $668,000 on May 31.