ConsCom Agenda for Thursday, June 21 

7:00 p.m. Town Hall

7:00 Minutes, bills, new, or old business

7:15 Cranberry Bog alternative uses 

        Peer Review discussion 

7:45 Notice of Intent, 195 Acton St.

        Janne Corneil, home renovation

8:00 Request to Amend Order of Conditions

        570 West St. (Lion’s Gate)

        Fire cistern relocation, well installation

New/Pending Business

• Certificates of Completion: 295 Hanover Rd.; 338 Bedford Rd.; 337 Bedford Rd.

• Permit extension request: 61 Judy Farm Rd. common drive

• Request to amend Order of Conditions: 1075 Curve Street, E. & P. Reardon

• Storm damage cleanup policy

• Updates: 81 Russell St., 570 West St., Arrowhead Lane/267 Rutland St.

• FY19 Budget update

• Woodward Conservation Land CR update

Old & Ongoing Business

Conservation land management, liaison reports, wetland protection, goals and objectives, invasive plant management, bylaw revision, OS&R plan 2020