photos of the week
01aSS WoodbinePartridgeSS
WINTER WONDERLAND? Fallen trees blocked Partridge Lane on March 8 after heavy wet snow fell during the second of three recent nor’easters. An Uber driver stoppped on Woodbine Drive to give Nancy Hartle a lift. (Photo by Susan Stumpf))
07b NanWang SnowwomenSS
SMILING SNOW WOMEN. The wet snow that broke branches and caused power outages last week was also good for making snow people. This happy duo was on Cross Street. (Photo by Nan Wang)
07cSS ElecCommatDarraghsSS
RESTORING POWER. ElecComm workers reattach the power line to a house in Carlisle center. (Photo by Susan Stumpf)
07dNoland TreeOnLibrarySS
A large tree fell on the Gleason Library during the March 7 storm.
It was removed on March 10. Fortunately there was no permanent
damage to the library. (Photo by Abby Noland)
09aSS SnowplowSS
DEPENDABLE DPW. A member of the DPW tirelessly cleared Carlisle roads during the March 8 storm. (Photo by Susan Stumpf)
12aSS GoldensPlaySS
SNOW FROLIC. Two Golden Retrievers, Lucky and Lily, find a reason for joy in the remnants of Tuesday’s blizzard. (Photo by Susan Stumpf)